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The Story

1085. Heian Japan. Sovereignty lies with the Emperor, yet a powerful family exerts itself, The Fujiwara-shi. To keep themselves safe, they begin the class known as Samurai. In 939 Fujiwara no Sumitomo rebels in the west against the central government, the first step in military takeover, and eventual rise of the Shogunate.

Buddhism begins its spread through Japan, in two notable sects: Tendai, and Shingon. Kūkai a Shingon-sensei, impresses the Emperors not only with his holy teachings, but with sculpture, calligraphy, painting and poetry.

Although Chinese remains the official language of the Imperial Courts, The Japanese National anthem, Kimi ga yo, is written, along with Iroha, the poem for memorizing the Kana. Two women of the Empress' court, hold a friendly competition for writing, and compose "The Tale of Genji"(Murasaki) and "The Pillow Book"(Shonagon).

Kimonos are abundant. Hair is let loose.

And deep in the mountains and woods, live the races of Yokai and Obake. Uncaring of their ningen counterparts, as long as unwritten by-lines and boundaries are not crossed, the Yokai keep to themselves. Racous parties, weddings, and their own rituals tied to the Gods and Goddesses amass the majority of their day-to-day lives.

Occasionally the lines are crossed, by ningen and yokai alike. Interested young, old trouble-makers, partner seekers, or even trophy hunters. Contained within are the stories of meetings such as these.

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"Too late the son's of Adam will cry: 'Where are the Children of the Earth?' Gone. Look for, but you shall not find them. Weep... For they are gone forever"

-- Mike Mignola

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