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25 January 2009 @ 02:57 pm
1. This is a jrock/jpop rp. All characters must be of said genre. *Add

2. All posts containing a higher rating than PG-13/R must be Friends Only. *A

3. 3rd person, or paragraph rp will be the only type accepted *Song title

4. No godmoding, metagaming, OOC bullying or flaming. *From

5. Preferred activity is once a week. Activity checks will be informal nudgings. Should we notice you not playing for a goodly amount of time, we'll kick you off, but not before a proper warning. Which means, you'll recieve an email letting you know you're not in the game any longer.*Your muse band

6. Questions, concerns, should be addressed to sakuranoobake *In your application.
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